The Diabetes e-Psychology Service is an online/ telephone-based counselling service, specifically for Australians living with diabetes and the people who support them. Finding a psychologist who understands diabetes is important and can have a huge impact on treatment outcomes. 


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What has psychology got to do with diabetes?
Great question! Adriana is asked this all the time, so she wrote a short blog about it a while ago to help people understand the link. You can read that here.

In a nutshell, diabetes is not just a metabolic condition, it is also a condition that places significant emotional burden and a high self-care burden on the person with diabetes and often on the people who support them (e.g. family, friends). This high emotional burden is becoming more recognised by leading organisations and diabetes health professionals, and it is now known that higher diabetes emotional distress is directly linked with higher HbA1c levels.

To assist people with taking care of their emotional health, Adriana was the lead author on a set of National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) fact sheets on diabetes and mental health. These included:

She also wrote a fact sheet for family and friends of people with diabetesThese are just some of the issues that Adriana can help with via the Diabetes e-Psychology Service.

Who can access this service?
You must be aged 16 years or older to access this service. The Diabetes e-Psychology Service is specifically for Australian residents living with any type of diabetes, and those who support people with diabetes (e.g. parent, partner, friend).

What can I expect from the Diabetes e-Psychology Service?
You can expect to receive the same service that you would if you saw Adriana in person – the only difference is that this service is delivered online or over the telephone so that it can reach as many people with diabetes as possible.

After registering your interest and availability using the form below, she will call you to set-up an appointment. Once the appointment is made, Adriana will email you to confirm the appointment, along with information about the service and making your payment. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in duration.

What do I need to access this service?

  1. a computer that has a webcam and microphone so that you and Adriana can see and hear each other
  2. a reliable internet connection so that the audio/visual quality of the call is optimal and there are no interruptions
  3. an email address so that you can be sent a link to access the video ‘meeting room’
  4. a quiet, private space so that you can talk openly and freely

Headphones or a headset usually helps with the audio quality, so these are recommended. 

What is the cost of counselling via the Diabetes e-Psychology Service and how do I pay?
The consultation fee is $85. Payments can be made securely online via PayPal prior to the scheduled appointment. When you’re ready to pay, simply click the Pay with PayPal button below. 

Diabetes e-Psychology Consultation Fee


Am I eligible for a Medicare rebate/bulk-billing?*
As of 1 September 2018, eligible people in rural and remote areas of Australia can access all of their Better Access sessions via videoconference. To determine whether you are eligible, read more here. If you think you may be eligible, please discuss this with Adriana prior to your first appointment. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: All people, regardless of location, can access Medicare funded sessions via videoconference or telephone until 30 September 2020.  

*If you live near the Mornington Peninsula (or are willing to travel), you may prefer to see Adriana in person.  Make an appointment here.


Please complete this form to register your interest in the Diabetes e-Psychology Service. Once you have completed this form, Adriana will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment. Please allow two business days to receive a response. 

If you are unsure about how to answer these questions, you can contact Adriana:

Phone: (03) 5902 2712 | Email: